Gas-Pro Detector for Confined Spaces

Crowcon Gas-Pro is a confined space entry monitoring solution for workers and fleet managers, and is now supported by the Crowcon I-Test bump test and calibration station.

Offering detection of up to 5 gases in a compact and rugged solution, Gas-Pro has an easy-to-read top mount display combining ease of use and user focused features.

An optional internal pump, activated with the flow plate, takes the pain out of pre-entry testing and allows Gas-Pro to be worn either in pumped or diffusion modes

NEW! IR Sensor Technology

Gas-Pro IR detects potentially explosive gases in conditions where a pellistor-based catalytic sensor may struggle, especially in a low oxygen environment. The infrared measurement gives improved reliability and measures gas in two different wavelengths: one that absorbs gas and the other does not. With little chance of being poisoned, the Gas-Pro IR is inherently safer and saves the need of regular and expensive pellistor replacement when used in likely contaminated environments.

User Friendly

  • Top mount display - makes it easy to read at a glance
  • Simple single button operation - reduces training time
  • Intuitive functionality - can be used whilst wearing gloves


  • Monitor 5 gases from many different options - offers multiple uses within one compact detector
  • Pumped and diffusion solutions
  • Multiple languages
  • Automatic fail-safe flow plate recognition - takes away the pain of pre-entry testing
  • Specific and unique Pre-Entry Check (PEC) mode


  • Reliable lithium-ion battery - provides over 14 hr use from a 7.5 hr charge
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 and IP67 - capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Bump and calibration reminders - Full compliance


Size 43 x 130 x 84mm (1.7 x 5.1 x 3.3ins)
Weight 309g 4 gas (10.8oz)/ 340g pumped (11.9oz)333g 5 gas (11.7oz)/ 362g pumped (12.7oz)
Alarms Audible >95dB @ 30cm (98dB @30cm in loud mode)
Visual - all angle dual red/blue LEDs
Vibrating alert
Display Top mount for ease of view with dual colour backlight (green/red)
Data logging 125hr at 10-second intervals (45,000 logs)
Event logging Alarm, over range, calibration, bump, on/off, TWA, 1000 events
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion, >14hr (13 hours pumped operation) based on CH4, O2, H2S, CO
Typical charge time 7.5hr
Sampling Internal pump as option
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Storage -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to +149°F)
Humidity 10 to 95% RH+
Ingress protection Independently tested to IP65 and IP67
Approvals IECEx: Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb Tamb -20°C to +55°C
ATEX: II 2 G Ex d ia IIC T4 Gb Tamb -20°C to +55°C
UL: Gas detector use in hazardous locations Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D only as to intrinsic safety
Compliance FCC and CE. Complies with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, EN50270 and ICES-003
Interface Data connection for gas test solutions and direct to PC
Charging Direct connection to multi-regional power supply
Vehicle charger adaptor
Desktop cradle
USB power and communications lead

Gases and Ranges

Gas Range Typical Alarms Resolution
Ammonia (NH3)  0-100ppm  25ppm  1ppm
Carbon dioxide (CO2)  0-5% vol.  0-5% vol.  0.01% vol.
Carbon monoxide (CO)  0-2000ppm  30ppm  1ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO)  0-500ppm  30ppm  1ppm
Carbon monoxide 
(hydrogen filtered)
 0-2000ppm  30ppm  1ppm
Chlorine (Cl2)  0 - 5ppm  0.5ppm  0.1ppm
Dual toxic (CO-H2S) H2S 0-100ppm  
CO 0-500ppm
Flammable  0-100% LEL  20% LEL  1% LEL
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)  0-100ppm  5ppm  1ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)  0-20ppm  1ppm  0.5ppm
Oxygen (O2)  0-25% vol.  19% / 23% vol.  0.1% vol.
Ozone (O3)  0-1ppm  0.1ppm  0.01ppm
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)  0-20ppm  1ppm  0.1ppm
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)  0-1ppm  0.1ppm  0.1ppm
Nitric oxide (NO)  0-100ppm  25ppm  1ppm


Below is a small selection of the accessories available for the Crowcon Gas-Pro.

1m reactive gas tubing


1m reactive gas tubing

Gas-Pro CSE Kit Case


Hard shell case including foam insert with space for Q-Test, 34 or 58ltr cylinder, power and comms cable, drop line, Gas-Pro, flow plate, filters, chest harness and straps and instructions - contents not included.

Gas-Pro Hard shell case


Includes custom foam insert with space for standard items - contents not included.

Sampling tube

Compatible sampling tube for Gas-Pro. Select length from list and whether standard or low adsorption material for reactive gases. All include tube insert to enable attachment to flow plate.

Sampling Tube Ball Float Probe


Connects to sampling tube to protect from water being drawn up when sampling in potentially problematic locations.

Tube insert pack


Replacement inserts to allow connection of sampling tube to Gas-Pro flow plate. Box of 10.

Elbow tube insert pack


90 degree inserts to reduce protrusion when connecting sampling tube to Gas-Pro flow plate. Box of 10.

Hand aspirator bulb


For manual gas sampling. Use with appropriate flow plate and sampling tube.

Water trap and spare filters


Protects detector sensors and pump from particles and moisture. Includes place of 10 replacement filter elements.

Chest harness plate


Enables detector to be worn on the chest or over the shoulder. Use with straps AC0507 or AC0508.

Chest harness straps


Set of 2 straps which in combination with the chest harness plate enable the detector to be worn on the chest.

Shoulder Single strap


Single straps which in combination with the chest harness plate enable the detector to be worn over the shoulder.

6m Drop line


6m Drop line to enable pre-entry checks. Includes clip to attache to D-loop on detector.

Gas-Pro un-pumped flow plate


Replacement flow plate for un-pumped Gas-Pro units.

Gas-Pro Pumped flow plate


Replacement flow plate for pumped Gas-Pro units.

Multiregion power lead and supply


Gas-Pro charger cradle


Desk or wall mounted cradle for charging Gas-Pro.

USB communications lead


Enables communication with PC (non charging).

Vehicle charging adapter


Provides power from 12/24V vehicle outlet sockets. Use with CH0106.

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