Waste water test kit WPT-132/WPT-133/WPT-135

Enables concentrations of organic chlorinated solvents (e.g. tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene) present in wastewater to be easily measured.

  • Measurements SO2,NO2, and O2 in smoke and soot
  • Measurement is completed in less than 60 seconds, enabling the measured results to be known on the spot.
  • No special technology, knowledge or skill are required.
  • Excellent repeatability. The difference in results obtained by different persons is small.
  • Both the initial cost and running costs are low, and maintenance is unnecessary.

How to use

  • Measure 200mL of wastewater with the beaker, replace it in the glass jar, seal the opening with a stopper, and shake it for one minute.
  • Both ends of the detector tube are broken off, and it is inserted in the syringe or sampling pump (GV-100) for gas sampling.
  • The stopper of the glass jar is removed, and measurement is done with the point of the detector tube just above the surface of the liquid.
  • After the measuring time is over, the scale on the detector tube is read.
  • The temperature of the wastewater is measured.
  • By using the conversion data of the user manual, calculate the concentration in the wastewater.