Respo Products India, Offering the Next Generation Laser Methane Gas Detector, Laser Gas Leak detector, Laser-Based Methane Gas Leak Detection Systems in India.

ELLI is an innovative, portable laser methane (CH4) measuring device that can be easily monitor difficult or impossible to reach areas and hazardous areas from a distance.

By the TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) detection technology, it is possible for the user to determine methane safe from a distance. For this purpose, the laser beam must be directed only to the post to be checked. This detection technology therefore provides a high added value for the user who does not have to enter a potential hazardous area for the inspection of pipelines. Only in the event of a gas leak properly trained staff must be employed by an Identified leak check and seal. Previously it was very difficult and especially time-consuming and costly to detect gas leaks using conventional flame ionization or semiconductor gas detectors. By this significantly reduced verification effort the review of gas leading systems or pipelines is very cost effective compared to conventional verification methods.

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