Fumigation Probe 380

Measurements inside a container

GASTEC fumigation probe is connected to gas detector tube and inserted through rubber seal of the closed container to measure residue fumigants. Currently app;icable tubes are limited.


Total length Total length of probe: 44 ㎝ / Hose: 100 ㎝
weight 240g

Detector tube

Currently only the detector tubes listed below are applicable to No.380.

Substance to be measured Tube no. & name Measuring range
Scale range
No. of
per box
Detector tube type Notes
Ethylene oxide 163LL Ethylene oxide 0.1-10 0.1-5 5 Short-term measurement
Formaldehyde 91L Formaldehyde 0.1-40.0 (0.1)-5.0 10 Short-term measurement
Methyl bromide 136LL Methyl bromide 0.1-3.0 0.1-1.2 5 Short-term measurement
Phosphine 7LA Phosphine 0.05-9.8 (0.1)-1.5 10 Short-term measurement
Sulphuryl fluoride 231 Sulphuryl fluoride 1-20 1-20 4 PYROTEC Use Pyrotec Pyrolyzer No. 860