Gas Detector Tube System

Gastec Gas Sampling Pump (GV-100S) is the only pump you need for measuring gas and vapor concentrations quickly and accurately. Small, lightweight, and rugged, this pump is perfectly calibrated, displays ambient temperature, and includes a lifetime warranty. It is simple, always ready, and intrinsically safe. The Gastec Detector Tube and Pump System has been designed specifically with the end user in mind to allow for ease of use without compromising safety.


Connected Safety Technology

Blackline Safety is a global leader in employee safety monitoring technology. Blackline’s G7 products incorporate gas detection now providing the world’s only person-worn, comprehensive monitoring solution with wide-area 2G/3G communications a live speakerphone capability to a monitoring team.


Portable Gas Detectors

Toxic Single Gas Detectors, Multi Gas Detectors, PID’s, Detectors for special applications. Crowcon Detection Instruments are pioneers in the development and production of state of the art equipments which are widely used in India for more then 4 decades.


Fixed Type Gas Detectors

We offer a variety of measurement, protection and communications technologies to offer a flexible range of products able to measure flammable, toxic and oxygen gases, report their presence and activate alarms or associated equipment.

Utilising the experience gained since 1992, Our fixed detectors have been proven in many arduous environments, including oil and gas exploration, water treatment, chemical plants and steel mills. They are however also chosen in many other applications where reliability, dependability and lack of false alarms are valued, for example in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing sectors, on scientific and research facilities and in high-utilisation medical, civil or commercial plants.


Flame & Gas Detection Systems

Flame Detection and Gas Detection Systems (Fixed Systems) that have been continually more reliable, the systematic use of microprocessor technology, the compliance with International standards and the quality procedures adopted, guarantee one of the best and largest product ranges in the worldwide gas detection market.


Periodic Maintenance, Calibrations & Support

A trained, Pan India network provides comprehensive service and support
within close proximity to our customers.


Startup, Turnaround & Shutdown Services

In addition to suppling innovative products that enable real-time safety and security threat detection. We offer complete detection solutions that include comprehensive after-sales support installation, commissioning and value added services during emergency situations. An assurance of total customer satisfaction.


All the products available with us are offered on rental for short term or long term basis. The entire calibration
and service during the term is in our scope.